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Unexpected Side Effects Of Camphor That You Should Know

Camphor is used for many purposes such as cough treatment. There are also some side effects detected with camphor use. Moderate use of camphor and knowledge of its serious consequences will allow you to take full advantage of its benefits. So, here are some serious side effects of camphor that may remind you that camphor should only be used in moderate amounts.

Lip Dryness

Camphor can make lips too dry. On the other hand, it is used to treat various inflammatory skin conditions, but it can also lead to acute dry lips. The skin of the lips starts to flake and flake off. It needs medical guidance to treat dry lips caused by an allergic reaction to camphor.

Side Effects Of Camphor - Lip Dryness
Side Effects Of Camphor


Camphor leads to redness of the skin and a rash from overdose. A red rash all over the skin. These rashes can be painful and itchy sometimes. It can be especially difficult to deal with the itching and pain caused by such a rash at home.


Eczema is another skin condition that can be caused by a side effect of camphor. Eczema is characterized by excessive dryness, swelling of the eyes and other soft tissues of the face, pain, irritation, and flaking of the skin. This is a serious skin condition that cannot be treated at home. It requires immediate medical attention for immediate and long-term relief. One thing that you need to know is that camphor cannot be eaten. It is intended purely for external applications. So it is dangerous to apply camphor on broken and flaky skin. It is extremely toxic if ingested by any direct or indirect means.


Camphor can cause an acute chemical imbalance in the brain. This leads to seizures. This is a very serious side effect of eating camphor. This is why you should be careful when using camphor of any kind if you have epilepsy.

Respiratory problems

Camphor can also cause breathing disorders. This is an acute condition in children and infants with respiratory disorders. Completely avoid the use of camphor in children with bronchitis or asthma. Camphor is very dangerous for such children, as it causes chest congestion and sudden respiratory arrest.

Pregnant and lactating mothers

Camphor is very dangerous for nursing mothers and pregnant women. It is absorbed by the placenta and can cause nerve and physical damage to the fetus. It is easily absorbed through skin fissures and access to milk in nursing mothers. It leads to camphor liver toxicity in children and infants as mentioned.

Parkinson disease

Side Effects Of Camphor
Side Effects Of Camphor

Camphor is especially dangerous for people with Parkinson’s disease. It interferes with drugs used in Parkinson’s and increases toxicity levels. It can become very toxic in such cases.

Scalp problems

Application of camphor in the form of camphor oil is considered to be an excellent therapeutic remedy. However, it also presents a common hazard. Applying camphor to an itchy, broken, and flaky scalp is extremely risky. It is easily absorbed through cracks in the scalp. This is one of the most dangerous side effects of camphor oil leading to scalp itching and camphor poisoning.

Chest problems

Side Effects Of Camphor- Chest problems
Side Effects Of Camphor

Camphor can lead to chest discomfort. It causes a feeling of tightness and fullness in and around the chest area. It can also lead to swelling in the affected area.
Camphor is often referred to as a healing herb. But people remain unaware of the serious side effects of camphor. It has as many side effects as its usage. You might consider using camphor in small amounts, but larger doses will be fatal.

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