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Top Best Eyeliner Pencils That Won’t Smudge, Crack, Or Crease

Call us crazy, but doesn’t it often feel like the simplest of products are the hardest to find? Take black eyeliner for example. It’s a go-to item in everyone’s makeup bag, and there’s no shortage of options out there (take a quick trip to the drugstore beauty aisle and you’ll see what we mean) but finding the best formulas is no easy feat. A lot of them crease and smudge easily, a nightmare scenario for anyone trying to master a fierce cat eye. So, to help you sort through all the choices, we weeded out the poor picks. Read on to discover the top best eyeliner pencils out there that’ll glide like a dream and make all of your eyeliner looks a long-lasting reality.

L’Oreal Paris Le Kohl Pencil – Best Pencil Eyeliner for the Money

L’Oreal Paris Le Kohl Pencil – Best Pencil Eyeliner for the Money

If you’ve tried traditional pencil liners in the past without much success because they tugged on your eyelid, pulled your eyelashes, didn’t apply smoothly, or was just too difficult to apply, you should give this one a try. This pencil glides on smoothly and delivers great pigment to make your eyes stand out. You can create a thin, defined line or go a little bit dramatic with a thicker line – this pencil is extremely versatile.
This pencil is smudge-proof and lasts for hours, so it’s great for wearing to work or for a fun night out with your friends. It comes in five fantastic shades, and it’s very affordable.

Pat McGrath Labs Permagel Ultra Eye Pencil

Pat McGrath Labs Permagel Ultra Eyeliner Pencils
Pat McGrath Labs Permagel Ultra Eyeliner Pencils

True to its name, Pat McGrath’s Labs Permagel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil glides on smoothly, thanks to its infusion of silicone, making it easy to play with. You can keep the line super precise, or smudge it out before it dries for a smokey eye look. The highly pigmented color is bold and beautiful, creating dramatic definition. It comes in three matte shades and two shimmer finishes, and each color gives off high fashion vibes.

Tom Ford Emotionproof Eyeliner

Tom Ford Emotionproof Eyeliner pencils
Tom Ford Emotionproof Eyeliner pencils

 With 24 hour lasting power, and formulated with rich pigment, rest assured that this eyeliner will get you through the whole night without compromising that effortless rock chic look, whatever the occasion. Let the party continue.

NY Bae Kohl Black Eye Pencil The Big Apple Of My Eye 

NY Bae Kohl Black Eye Pencil The Big Apple Of My Eye Review

The NY Bae Kohl Black Eye Pencil The Big Apple Of My Eye is exclusively available on The price is really low, and most of the time, you will get discounts on that as well. Talking about the formula, this is a vegan, toxicity free, cruelty free and dermatologically tested kohl, which means it is less likely to irritate the eyes. It claims to be highly pigmented and provide intensely deep black color on your eye waterlines and upper lids in just a single stroke. The lasting power claims to be up to 12 hours. It also claims to be water resistant and smudge proof.

Clinique Quickliner for Eyes

The smoothness of Clinique’s Quickliner allows it to hug the eyes for easy definition. The all-in-one pencil twists up, so you never have to bother with sharpening, and it has a sponge applicator on one end so you can create different liner styles. The transfer-resistant formula lasts all day and won’t budge—that is, until it’s time to take it off.

Clinique Quickliner for Eyes – Top Pick Overall

Clinique Quickliner for EyesSkip the lengthy makeup applications and cut down on time with this liner, which is more than an eyeliner – it’s a Quickliner. Simply turn to dispense the product, then apply it to your lash lines. You’ll be amazed at how it just glides across the skin and evenly distributes the pigment-rich color. Once you’ve drawn your lines, simply flip over the pencil to use the smudge tool to get your look just right.

This comes in 13 amazing shades, and it is one of the longest lasting liners on the market. You can wear it through the work day and into the night without it budging an inch. To remove it easily, use Clinique’s Eye Makeup Remover, sold separately.

This pencil never goes dull, doesn’t require sharpening, and is so pigmented, you won’t have to keep making pass after pass, so it lasts longer. The formula is designed to give you a more natural look without leaving harsh lines, and it’s very easy to apply, even if you’ve never worn eyeliner before.