5 best formula for babies
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The 5 best formula for babies that mothers should trust and use

Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for babies. However, if the amount of breast milk is not enough to feed the baby, choosing best formula for babies will be an extremely advisable thing to do to ensure adequate nutrition in the first years of life. The article will tell mothers the top 5 best formula for babies that any parent should not ignore.

What is formula milk? Why is formula so important for babies?

1. What is formula milk?

Baby formula, a formula that has the same chemical composition as breast milk, so babies can be used as a partial or complete replacement in the first years of life. Formula milk is produced from animal milk (goat’s milk, cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, ..) or plant (cereals, soybeans,…).

Speaking of infant milk, also known as formula 1 (for babies from 0 to 6 months old), they have a nutritional composition similar to breast milk to provide the necessary nutrients for babies develop. Currently, formula milk is produced in many forms such as:

Powdered milk : Usually mixed with water before giving to children

Liquid milk: Usually mixed with an equal amount of water

Ready-to-use milk: Usually more expensive than the above types of milk, can be used immediately by children without having to go through processing steps.

2. Why is formula so important for babies?

Do you know how much milk a baby needs each day?

– From birth to 1 month: 60ml/time, 8-10 times/day, total milk volume is about 480ml/day

– From 1 month to 2 months: 90ml/time, 7-10 times/day, total milk volume is about 630ml/day

– From 2 months to 4 months: 120ml/time, 6-10 times/day, total milk volume about 720ml/day

– From 4 months to 6 months: 150ml/time, 6-8 times/day, total milk volume about 900ml/day

This milk demand will increase gradually from 0 to 6 months. Thus, we can see, the daily milk content of children is very large. For many mothers who have enough milk to feed their babies after giving birth, there is no need to worry, but now, there are many mothers with low milk supply, blocked milk or other problems that make the amount of milk not enough for the baby every day, then formula milk is suitable considered “savior” the perfect choice for mother and baby. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), all best formula for babies must contain all of the 29 essential nutrients in each daily serving.

Accordingly, micronutrients important for the comprehensive development of children must be indispensable. In addition, some milk companies also add rich ingredients as well as increase the content of some important substances, helping children to improve both physically and mentally.

5 best formula for babies are most interested in by mothers

1. Aptamil New Zealand milk powder 1

Aptamil New Zealand milk powder 1

Aptamil New Zealand milk powder 1 for babies is a very comprehensive development line in terms of height, weight and brain. Unlike other Aptamil milk lines that only focus on height growth, Aptamil New Zealand 1 milk powder gives children the most comprehensive development.

Aptamil New Zealand 1 product with Synbiotic nutrients and important nutrients helps to meet the nutritional needs of the rapidly growing infant in the first months of life. With Aptamil New Zealand 1 milk, mothers are completely assured when supplementing their children with the most abundant source of nutrients. An important feature of the aptamil family of milk houses cannot be overlooked, which is the most calcium-rich of all formula milks.

Some uses of Aptamil New Zealand 1:

  • Synbiotic Nutrients to help support the immune system.
  • Calcium, vitamin K1 and vitamin D3 help keep teeth and bones strong.
  • DHA is good for the development of the baby’s brain.
  • 22 types of vitamins and minerals help children grow normally and healthy.

2. Nestle NAN OPTIPRO 1 HM-O milk powder

Nestle NAN OPTIPRO 1 HM-O milk powder

Nestle NAN OPTIPRO 1 HM-O milk powder is a line of milk that helps balance nutrition, while supplementing essential nutrients for physical and brain development, helping to enhance intelligence for children. This formula is given to infants when breast milk is not enough. NAN formula is designed with a healthy baby in mind from birth. Especially with protein optipro is an anti-allergy protein, very easily absorbed along with a formula that enhances beneficial bacteria to help fight constipation, flatulence, and heartburn extremely effectively.


  • Nestle NAN OPTIPRO 1 HM-O milk powder contains Bifidobacteria. This is a live probiotic bacteria that works to maintain a healthy microbiome and boost immunity. This helps the body’s ability to fight off pathogens.
  • Besides, this milk line also contains Smart lipids (omega-3, omega-6) found in breast milk, which are important for brain development and immunity for babies.
  • OPTIPRO protein contained in NAN milk helps to optimize the normal growth and development of babies, it is very good for the immature digestive system in the first years of life.

3. HiPP Organic Combiotic Milk Powder

HiPP Organic Combiotic Milk Powder

HiPP is a German brand with a history of more than 120 years, specializing in organic baby food. For a long time, HiPP has pioneered the path of organic food production. According to a report by Euromonitor International, HiPP has been the number 1 brand in the world for organic baby food for many years in a row.

So why is HiPP’s infant formula line trusted by mothers? The following are the advantages and outstanding uses of HiPP:

  • The taste is almost similar to breast milk.
  • Aids in digestion, relieves constipation and other digestive problems.
  • Strengthen children’s immunity.
  • Organic ingredients ensure the highest safety, suitable for babies with immature immune and digestive systems.
  • Visual and brain development.
  • Helps build strong bones and grow taller.

4. Best Organic: Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Formula with Iron Milk-based Powder

Earth's Best Organic Dairy Infant Forrmular With Iron Milk-based Powder

Choose Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder with Iron if your family appreciates items that are 100% organic. This product is created with organic milk from cows who have never received synthetic growth hormones and are on a diet of grains and grass. Earth’s Best is the least priced organic formula available, however it still costs more than non-organic options.

Given that it is an all-lactose product, Earth’s Best asserts that this formula is the most similar to breastmilk (meaning no corn syrup or other carbohydrates). In addition to casein, it also contains whey protein, prebiotics for immunity, DHA and AA for brain and eye development, and the pigment lutein, which is crucial for eye health.

5. Kendamil Goat First Infant Milk Stage 1

Kendamil Goat First Infant Milk Stage 1


Goat First Infant Milk Stage 1 from Kendamil is now available in the US market for infants whose stomachs are a little bit more delicate or who may even have a cow’s milk allergy. They get their whole milk from A2 goats, whose milk is higher in short- and medium-chain fatty acids and so simpler to digest. The nutrient profile is otherwise comparable to cow’s milk formulas in the US, with a little bit more selenium, iron, and fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E, and K).

Additionally, this goat’s milk formula includes the postbiotic 3′-GL-Galactosyllactose. When certain bacterial strains ferment in tightly regulated settings, postbiotics are created. These postbiotic leftovers resemble the oligosaccharides found in human milk, which are involved in the maturation of the immune system. Additionally, this product is vegetarian because it uses DHA from algae rather than animal rennet. It is also certified to be Halal and Kosher.


In order for a newborn baby to be healthy and develop well, it is necessary to have a nutritious diet that is guaranteed in quantity and quality. Otherwise, it will lead to diseases of excess or lack of nutrients, which adversely affect the comprehensive development of children both physically, mentally and physically. Hopefully this article can help parents choose the right best formula for babies.

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