Places To Visit In Neemrana In 2021 – The Complete Guide!

Everything about the small town of Neemrana is engaging and enticing, right from the fact that it serves as an ancient historical town in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, India. The places to visit in Neemrana, or the spectacles you will witness here are arduous to get in any other popular destinations of India. Neemrana is the town where you can put your eyes on an engaging blend of nature, modernity, and history. For multiple decades, Neemrana has been an excellent destination to enjoy a short escape from cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, and Jaipur. Neemrana is a treasure of a destination that is simply ideal to spend some quality time with family, friends, solo, or that special and close to heart. Although it is a small town, the throng of some of the popular attractions to visit in Neemrana are enough to keep you fastened for a weekend or a complete week. Here is the list of some of the most famous places in Neemrana that will make your Neemrana trip memorable, which you can cherish for a lifetime. So, without any delay, let up begin the list of best places to visit in Neemrana.

Neemrana Fort Palace – Experience Royalty

neemrana fort palace

Luxurious, romantic, and full of bliss, the ever so popular fort palace is certainly one of the best places to visit in Neemrana Fort. A stay at this place not only makes sure you have the best vacay of your life, but also ensures you live each moment like royalty.

Price For Accommodation: INR 4,500 to INR 30,000 per room

Timings For Visiting The Fort: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Neemrana Fort Entry Fee: INR 1,900 which includes a buffet lunch, and INR 750 for only visiting the fort

Things To Do:

  • Take a ride in a vintage car
  • Indulge in a thrilling zip lining tour
  • Take an audio tour of the fort
  • Rejuvenate with a spa therapy
  • Enjoy the beautiful views while you swim

Location: 122nd Milestone, Delhi-Jaipur Highway, Alwar, Neemrana, Rajasthan

Sariska National Park – Meet Fauna In Their Natural Habitat


Nestled in Aravalli Hills, Sariska is amongst the top places to see in Neemrana. The grasslands and dense forests are home to a number of species, especially the tigers, which make it a great tourist attraction. It is one of the ideal places to visit in Alwar, Neemrana if you’re an animal lover, or are looking for a multitude of experiences during your trip.

Timings: 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Things To Do:

  • Wildlife spotting
  • Enjoy the views of flying vultures and eagles from the castle on the hilltop
  • Indulge in jungle safari

Location: Subhash Chowk Station, Road Malakhera, Alwar, Rajasthan

Siliserh Lake – Relax Beside The Waters

siliserh lake

One of the most beautiful lakes in Rajasthan, Siliserh is a major tourist attraction in the town and amongst the top places to visit near Ramada, Neemrana. From offering moments of bliss to letting one indulge in fun activities, this place has a lot of experiences in store for all kinds of travelers. If you are looking for places near Neemrana, then this could be your pick.

Timings: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Things To Do:

  • Sit by the lake and unwind
  • Bird watching
  • Boating
  • Take a leisure walk around the lake

Location: Alwar, Rajasthan


A very old and magnificent multi-storied structure compliments Neemrana. It has 170 steps and as we move down the construction seems to be smaller. Neemrana baori reflects the beauty of old architecture.

This is cool and moist from inside. This baori is still in use, both for consumption of water and irrigation.

Vinay Vilas Mahal

800px Alwar Palace Outside View e1601454257909

Standing in the heart of the city, the “City Palace of Alwar”, also known as Vinay Vilas Mahal is a magnificent work of architecture. The palace is the perfect amalgamation of the Indo-Islamic architecture. The intricate mirror work along with the murals and paintings of Mughal kings, the palace offers a beautiful insight into the rich history of India. The palace also houses a museum with royal memorabilia at display amongst other prized possessions.

Bala Quila

800px Alwar fort or Bala Quila 09 e1601454706340

Bala Quila (also know as the Alwar Fort), is nestled in the Aravalli ranges built above the city of Alwar. At 5km long and 1.5km the fort commands a huge expanse of land and is an architectural marvel in itself. The fort in the past has been under the rule of Marathas, Yadavs as well as the Kachwaha Rajuts. Given the evident importance of the fort in our history, this has to make your must-visit list while going to Neemarana or Alwar!