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Galaxy S21 Ultra review: 3rd generation of smartphones Ultra

The third generation of smartphones with the Ultra suffix (extreme) from Samsung is clearly not a perfect product, but significant improvements and upgrades over its predecessor have made the S21 Ultra a model high-end Android phones are almost comprehensive in every way. Let’s follow Lifezfood to find out the detail in Galaxy S21 Ultra review!

Design of Galaxy S21 Ultra 

The first innovation comes from the design. With the S20 Ultra, Samsung has received many complaints about the appearance, especially in the oversized camera cluster, which is somewhat rough, comes with many curves on the back that make the device become “cumbersome” unnecessarily. set. On S21 Ultra, Korean technology company has made changes.

Galaxy S21 Ultra review design
Galaxy S21 Ultra review design

The back of the latest S can be considered as a successor to the Note 20 Ultra senior when it is made more square and neat. The design of the camera cluster is renewed when it is almost covered from the back to the frame, creating the feeling that this is a seamless block and looks “pit”. The camera lenses are also more prominent with large size.

When viewed at a close distance, we can see that the camera cluster and the frame are still separated, not monolithic. The rear camera cluster can be seen as the most imbalanced detail in the design of this phone. The lens section is recessed relative to the frame to avoid impact and reduce flare.

Screen of Galaxy S21 Ultra 

Contrary to the back, the front of the S21 Ultra is completely similar to the previous generation with the mole in the middle, soft rounded corners, with the characteristic feminine part of the S series and 4 slim edges. The edge of the screen is still beveled 3D curved edges, but the curvature has been much reduced compared to Note 20 Ultra. Personally, I still prefer the square screen like on the Note series, because it creates a personality, different from dozens of other phones on the market today.

Galaxy S21 Ultra review screen
Galaxy S21 Ultra review screen

The most valuable point on the S21 Ultra’s screen is probably the 120Hz refresh rate that runs at the highest resolution of WQHD +, no longer having to drop to Full HD + like previous generations. In a detailed review of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, I once said that running only 120Hz at Full HD + was the “Achilles heel” of this machine. Because the large size of up to 6.9 inches, Full HD + resolution sometimes appears “out of breath”, making the screen of the Note 20 Ultra have a blurry, less sharp wall, especially when displaying web pages. good small letters when observed at a distance from 20cm or less.

Camera of Galaxy S21 Ultra 

S21 Ultra marks the first time Samsung equips 2 telephoto cameras on its smartphones with one camera with 3X optical zoom and a second potential camera with 10X optical zoom. This is a solution that has been adopted by some Chinese phone companies before such as Huawei or Xiaomi. On the S21 Ultra, Samsung continues to keep the main 108MP camera with a maximum digital zoom of 100X similar to the S20 Ultra, double the 50X level of the Note 20 Ultra. The 12MP super wide-angle camera has also been upgraded to autofocus, allowing for close-range shooting to create macro shots.

Galaxy S21 Ultra review camera
Galaxy S21 Ultra review camera

Thanks to two telephoto cameras with a new generation of 108MP sensor, Samsung claims the 100X zoom capability of the S21 Ultra will be significantly improved compared to the S20 Ultra, providing sharper photos, taking photos with less shake. A new feature on the S21 Ultra is Zoom Lock. As soon as a zoom level above 20X is selected, a white sub-viewfinder will appear in the corner of the screen. You only need to hold your hand steady for about half a second on the subject you want to capture, the viewfinder will instantly turn yellow and the image shake will also decrease significantly.

Exynos 2100 performance

Genuine S21 Ultra in Vietnam continues to use the high-end Exynos 2100 chip developed by Samsung. Exynos 2100 is Samsung’s first flagship chip with an integrated 5G modem and is the second chip using its 5nm EUV process after Exynos 1080. According to Samsung tradition, in some markets such as the US, South Korea, Hong Kong, S21 Ultra will continue to use the Snapdragon 888 version.